Fun paradise for kids | Stuttgart | Deutschland


Fun paradise for kids

The Ark has become established as a well-known symbol of Stuttgart’s Olgahospital. 10 metres long and two storeys high, it is an eye-catching sight for anyone entering the paediatric department. Several carpenters were involved in the construction of the new wooden ark, which has several playing levels on the inside. X-TEND stainless steel mesh on the sides serves as fall protection for the railing, bulls-eyes and stairs and also as a horizontal catch net.
  • Project
    The Ark in Olga Hospital, Stuttgart, Deutschland
  • Application

    Fall protection

  • Products



    100 m2, ◊ 40 mm + 80 mm, ø 1,5 mm + ø 3 mm

  • Architect
    Totem Architekten