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Schönbrunn Zoo with new X-TEND swallow parakeet aviary

Vienna, Austria's glamorous capital, is once again enriched by a majestic attraction. A new aviary for the swallow parakeets has been built in the world-famous Schönbrunn Zoo in recent months. Completed in September 2019, the 15 centimeter parrots in the aviary can use their free space to fly.

CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE ensured the safety of the breathtakingly beautiful birds not only from above but also from the side. The X-TEND CXE stainless steel cable network spans the bird system on 180 m². With a spring-loaded wall network (150 m²), those responsible at the Schönbrunn Zoo ensure that sensitive animals are not at risk.

X-TEND secures swallow parakeets willing to mate

The three-dimensional aviary construction reaches a maximum height of up to 7 meters. Of course, a natural swimming area for the birds was also considered on the 140 m² floor space. A pond with a watercourse offers the parakeets a fresh opportunity to splash around. The swallow parakeets do not swim, but their new roommates, the maned geese, do it abundantly.

In order to make the natural environment under the X-TEND stainless steel rope network as real as possible, eucalyptus trees from the Australian homeland of birds were planted. This also makes breeding easier for them. In the Schönbrunn Zoo, the aviary designed by CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE not only serves to enrich the everyday life of the numerous visitors, but also to preserve the species. The swallow parakeet population is critically endangered. That's why a long-term conservation breeding program is running in Vienna. A successful program, as the first two chicks hatched in May 2020.

Schönbrunn Zoo informs and conducts research

The Schönbrunn Zoo is mainly dedicated to ...

  • conservation of species,
  • the research,
  • the welfare of the animals as well
  • informing visitors.

The total cost of the aviary was around 500,000 euros. 24 moved in on the first day, but thanks to the breeding program currently 26 swallow parakeets live here. With the state opera baritone Clemens Unterreiner, the swallow parakeets have found a very prominent and powerful godfather.

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