Leopards in the natural X-TEND enclosure | Bern | Switzerland
Tierpark Dählhölzli X-TEND Edelstahl-Seilnetz

Zoo enclosures

Leopards in the natural X-TEND enclosure

A life almost like in the savannah

"The Dählhölzli zoo is the Bern Zoo". This sentence was coined by the former head of the zoo mentioned, Prof. Hannes Sägesser. One of the special animals that are kept appropriately here is the leopard. The responsible parties agreed to focus the design of the leopard enclosure on animal welfare. Rocks and trees were made available to the climbing enthusiasts.

In order to prevent the leopards from making unwanted trips from their high seats and to protect them from excessive curiosity, the decision was made to use the X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh from CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE to tension a tent construction at a height of nine meters.

Bern is not the capital of Switzerland

The Dählhölzli Zoo is one of the most beautiful places in Bern, the capital of Switzerland. Bern is de facto, but not de jure (legally speaking) the capital of the Confederation. However, no other city in Switzerland can claim this title. When the state of Switzerland was founded, the representatives of the cantons of Bern voted the seat of the government - but not more. Since then, the Swiss Berne have also called the federal city.

Before Bern became the official federal city, there were the suburbs of Switzerland. Zurich was this suburb for a long time, but the cities changed in the first half of the 19th century ...

  • Zurich,
  • Bern,
  • Lucerne,
  • Freiburg im Üechtland,
  • Solothurn and
  • Basel

... in an initially one-year, later two-year cycle.

Zoo with many options

If you ask a Swiss today, he or she will almost always mention Bern as the capital. One of the reasons for this could also be the wonderful and popular Dählhölzli Zoo. Since the time of director Max Müller (1991 - 1996), visitors have found exotic animals as well as native animals. These include the leopards, which feel comfortable behind the 1,340 m² of the X-TEND CX stainless steel rope mesh with a mesh width of 60 mm.

  • Project
    Tierpark Dählhölzli, Bern, Switzerland
  • Application

    Exterior enclosure for leopards

  • Products

    1.340 m², ◊ 60 mm, ø 2 mm