Railing protection at the treetop path in the Black Forest | Bad Wildbad | Deutschland



Railing protection at the treetop path in the Black Forest

Terrain protection with X-TEND mesh

The treetop path spirals upwards like a spiral over the treetops of the Black Forest near Bad Wildbad. From the platform 40 metres above the ground, you can enjoy the flora and fauna of the region with child and cone from eye to eye with the highest treetops. Until you reach the top, you walk around on the tree top walk which is a good 1,250 metres long. To ensure that nothing happens here and you can still enjoy the unique view, those responsible have decided to secure the path with our X-TEND mesh.

Protection against falling for the whole family

Among the many unforgettable features of the treetop path is that it was built barrier-free. Both wheelchairs and pushchairs make it easy for visitors to reach the platform from the floor of the Black Forest to the treetops. There, benches invite them to linger.

X-TEND mesh, which borders the treetop path on both sides, is woven from stainless steel cables. This means that it easily withstands the high wind speeds and weather conditions in the Black Forest. One of the most important properties of the X-TEND mesh is that it is not rigid and brittle, but resilient and flexible.

Benefits of an X-TEND mesh for climbing parks, high paths and tree houses

The safety that the guests of the treetop path enjoy is also provided by the metal mesh X-TEND in other projects. The paths at climbing parks, on high paths along castle ruins or in the mountains and on a small scale at tree houses are thus perfectly secured. One advantage of these applications is always that the magnificent view is not obstructed.

By the way of safety - many zoological gardens use the X-TEND safety mesh not only for free-flying aviaries, but also to protect visitors in enclosures for cats of prey.

CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE is pleased that the path over the crowns of the Black Forest has been made as safe as possible with our X-TEND mesh.

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