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X-TEND railing infill at Treetop Walk in Ivenack

On the tops of 1000-year-old oaks

The famous Ivenack oaks are located in the "Forest Area of the Year 2020/2021" in the Mecklenburg Lake District. The area in the municipality of Ivenack has become famous for its ancient oaks, which are between 800 and 1300 years old. The Ivenack pedunculate oaks - which are also called "thousand-year-old oaks" - are among the oldest in Europe. The mightiest oak has a trunk circumference at breast height of over eleven meters. Therefore, the small community of Ivenack with its 800 inhabitants is gladly called an "oasis consecrated to tranquility" (quote: Fritz Reuter). 
Germany's first National Natural Monument can now be visited not only from below. A 20-meter-high treetop trail with a 40-meter-high observation tower runs through the middle of the state-owned wildlife park. A walk on the peaks of thousand-year-old oaks.

Safe at dizzying heights

The Ivenack treetop trail is 620 meters long. It winds its way up through the forest to the treetops. Here you can experience nature from a completely different perspective. The long path is enclosed by the X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh from Carl Stahl Architektur. The 40-meter-high viewing platform can be reached by elevator or stairs. Once at the top, you get a priceless panoramic view of the treetops of the ancient oaks and Lake Ivenack. Here, the X-TEND stainless steel mesh blends almost invisibly into the surroundings and becomes one with nature. 

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  • Project
    Treetop Walk Ivenack, Ivenack, Germany
  • Application

    Railing infill & Fall protection 

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    450m², ◊ 60mm, ø 2mm