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Restaurant Treppensicherung Velaa Tavaru Tower Malediven


Safe and exotic holiday fun at Tavaru Tower with X-TEND

Summer, sun, and safety mesh

Tavaru Tower in the Maldives is a tropical dream under exotic palm trees. Here, guests can dine in a relaxed atmosphere, indulge in luxury and be pampered around the clock. In this paradise no guest wants to worry about his safety. The architect and the building owner jointly undertook this when building the Tavaru Tower and decided on the X-TEND stainless steel mesh, among other things. Finest kitchens, a dignified ambience and, thanks to the X-TEND, a safe and unclouded view of the legendary natural wonders of the Maldives.

Pure luxury and pure safety with the X-TEND safety mesh

Who doesn't dream of enjoying a holiday in such a secluded retreat under a warm sun and shady palm trees. The staff at Tavaru Tower have a sixth sense for the needs of their guests. Action can be experienced here, for example, during the impressive live cooking on the terrace.

The constructors have taken precautions to ensure that nobody can fall from up there. They installed the flexible, springy and thus gently catching stainless steel mesh X-TEND by CARL STAHL ARCHITEKTUR over a large area. The special feature of this safety concept is that nobody has to miss the view of the beach and the original jungle on the island in the Indian Ocean.

Security from a touch too much jungle life

The constructors of the Tavaru Tower have also relied on the safety function of the X-TEND stainless steel mesh on the outside staircases. The mesh not only protects against falling, it also acts as a safety barrier against possible animals. The X-TEND also performs this function in many zoological gardens in Europe - especially with wild cats of prey.

Another reason why the X-TEND was chosen was because the stainless steel makes it particularly resistant to salty air and tropical storms.

  • Project
    Velaa Tavaru Tower, Maldives, Maldives
  • Application

    Vertical fall protection

  • Products



    380 m2, ◊ 120 mm, ø 12 mm / ø 5 mm + ø 8 mm

  • Architect
    ADR , s.r.o., Prag