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Monkey-strong - X-TEND at Hannover Zoo


Whoever looks into their eyes recognizes the extremely close relationship to humans - chimpanzees. They use tools, care for their relatives, laugh and have fun. Hannover Zoo has provided the great apes with a beautifully designed, varied and safe outdoor enclosure. An X-TEND stainless steel cable net stretched over their heads like a tent ensures that the apes can live in safety.

For the third largest species of ape, a biotope was created in the middle of Hanover that is very close to the conditions in their African homeland.

Robust safety net for animal protection

Raised on a strong central support, the X-TEND stainless steel safety net in the form of a circus tent extends to the edge of the chimpanzee enclosure. Fixed by the I-SYS stainless steel cable system, the individual net components withstand wind and weather as well as the attempts of the clever animals to overcome the springy barrier.

Protecting the species is particularly important for those responsible at Hannover Zoo. In their natural habitat, the African wet savannah, both heavy poaching and the progressive destruction of their habitat threaten the animals. At Hannover Zoo the sensitive great apes are well protected from these dangers. The chimpanzees live in the wild ...

  • in Senegal,
  • in Nigeria,
  • in the Democratic Republic of Congo,
  • in Uganda or even in
  • Tanzania.

2.100 m² stainless steel mesh for animal liberties

CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE is always pleased when our products can make the lives of people and animals safer. Thanks to the X-TEND CXE stainless steel mesh, the chimpanzees at Hanover Zoo have complete freedom of movement without having to make another unplanned excursion.

  • Project
    Zoo Hannover, outdoor enclosure for chimpanzees, Hannover, Germany
  • Application

    Supporting cables and bordercables for enclosure

  • Products

    I-SYS, ø 18 mm, ø 22 mm, ø 26 mm