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Bonobo Anlage Zoo Wuppertal Carl Stahl Architektur

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Wuppertal is one of the most beautiful zoos in Germany. In addition to the conservation of species, the top priority for those responsible is the integration of animals, species-appropriate husbandry and safety. These pillars of animal husbandry are supported by the X-TEND stainless steel rope from CARL STAHL ARCHITEKTUR in the Bonobo area of ​​the Wuppertal Zoo.

An oversized artificial tree structure was built for the bonobos, which are considered to be dwarf chimpanzees. The monkeys can now climb and have fun on the branches, on the trunk and on the X-TEND stainless steel rope mesh, which is tensioned for safety. The structure also offers advantages for visitors to the zoo. You can watch the monkeys in their everyday life through the mesh of the net.

Bonobos originally come from the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Bonobos are great apes. The term "dwarf chimpanzee" can be misleading, because the bonobos are hardly smaller than the common chimpanzees. The bonobos even have significantly longer legs compared to other chimpanzee species. Both bonobos and the common chimpanzee are particularly closely related to humans.

In order to distinguish bonobos from common chimpanzees, there are other characteristics besides the legs. The residents of the great enclosure in the Wuppertal Zoo have pink lips and a darker face like their relatives. The natural habitat of the bonobos is on the territory of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Congo River also forms the boundary between the bonobos and common chimpanzees. Anyone looking for bonobos in the wild must penetrate the region's tropical rainforests.

Zoo Wuppertal and the special animals

In addition to the bonobos, orangutans, chimpanzees and the western gorilla also live in Zoo Wuppertal. Apart from the monkeys, the Zoo Wuppertal can also ...

  • Proboscis,
  • two-toed sloths,
  • Yellowfin surgeonfish,
  • chipmunk,
  • African elephants,
  • Siberian tigers or also
  • Andean rock roosters

… to be visited and admired.

  • Project
    Zoo Wuppertal, Wuppertal, Germany
  • Application

    Exterior enclosure for bonobos

  • Products

    X-TEND Colours CXE schwarz/black
    630 m2, ◊ 70 mm, ø 3mm + ◊ 80 mm, ø 3 mm

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