Ball catch mesh at the HOGA school

100m² X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh on the roof of the high school

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X-TEND3 railing at Lehigh University

X-TEND 3 frame system made of slotted edging profiles, which combine safety requirements and great design.

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Spectacular colors at the Port of Kiel

Great lighting design with X-LED at the port of Kiel

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Tegenbosch Bridge protects cyclists

Vertical X-TEND mesh secure cyclists and walkers

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X-TEND day care center

Fall protection in the Bärenhöhle day care center ensures safety for the youngest.

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Treehouse Around the Oak

A special tree house 11 meters high. The X-TEND ensures safety Stainless steel rope net.


Filigree aviary with X-TEND

The X-TEND stainless steel cable network from Carl Stahl ARC spans the extraordinary arch construction and impresses with its high level of transparency

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Golden Flowers Hotel Essen

The golden X-TEND facade safety

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x-tend ball catch mesh

X-TEND protects against missed shots in ball sports. The spectators are protected and the balls remain on the pitch.

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As part of the extensive redesign measures, the Carl Stahl ARC was able to use its expertise in the sports facility that was completed in 2019 on the roof of the sports hall.


Byculla Zoo Mumbai

In India's first accessible free-flight aviary in Veermata Jijabai Bhosale Udyan Zoo Byculla in Mumbai, visitors can experience the feathered inhabitants up close in a spacious, nature-like habitat.

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Eestairs Headquarter

Great I-SYS CABLE BALUSTRADE at the EeStairs headquarters in Barneveld


Mediterranean flair in the heart of Turin

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of Turin, the Scuola Enrico Fermi has recently opened its gates again

Bundeswehr technical school

After two years of construction, the Bundeswehr technical school, with a total construction volume of € 15 million, was inaugurated on the grounds of the Neureuther Kirchfeld barracks in Karlsruhe in December of last year.


We act climate neutral -  don't hesitate to inform yourself about the company and our values.

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