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X-TEND railing infill & fall protection

Evergreen Turley Motorlab: Urban living and working space in Mannheim

Evergreen Turley Motorlab is a construction project in the city of Mannheim, in which numerous new residential and office spaces were created in the inner city area. This has won several awards and contributes to an attractive cityscape. The X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh was used for the implementation.

The conversion of former military buildings into diverse residential and office units

The US military used to be stationed in Mannheim. The base was named Turley Barracks. After the troops withdrew, the barracks were initially empty. However, due to its central location, this room was very popular for new construction projects. This was the only inner-city conversion area in Mannheim. The Motor Real Estate company finally took care of the implementation. A new living space was created that is aimed at people of different generations - singles as well as families and senior citizens. In the former military buildings, penthouses, flats, small apartments and so-called townhouses - two-storey residential units with their own small garden. In addition, there are several office spaces on the ground floor and on the first floor.

Railing infill with X-TEND: the high-quality fall protection

Another aspect of this building is that it has wraparound balconies that add extra value to the living space. For the architects, however, the question arose as to which railing infill they should use for this. On the one hand, this had to offer a high level of security - also for families with children. On the other hand, it was important that it did not interfere with the incidence of light through the large windows or the view of the attractive wooden facade. The choice therefore fell on the X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh from Carl Stahl Architektur. This is very robust and therefore guarantees excellent fall protection. Due to the fine ropes with a thickness of only 1.5 mm and a mesh diameter of 40 mm, it hardly affects the view and the incidence of light. The mesh type CXS was used for the implementation, which is characterized by fixed widths of 72 or 96 cm and therefore enables particularly easy assembly

Open construction and attractive wooden facade

The Evergreen Turley Motorlab is characterized by an open design. The building uses a concrete skeleton with supports in a square grid. There are large windows in the spaces in between, which ensure that a lot of light penetrates into the rooms. The closed areas use an attractive wooden facade. This not only convinces with its natural impression. In addition, it contributes to excellent thermal insulation.

  • Project
    Evergreen Turley Motorlab, Mannheim, Germany
  • Application

    Railing infill & and fall protection

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    Mesh with◊ 40 mm, rope 1.5 mm 

  • Architect
    Motorlab Architekten
  • Photographer
    Werner Huthmacher Photography