X-TEND fall protection at a height of 30 meters | Herrenberg | Germany
Brüstungsgeländer Aussichtssturm X-TEND Edelstahl-Seilnetz


X-TEND fall protection at a height of 30 meters

Great view in the Schoenbuch nature park

Unforgettable views are offered by the 580m above sea level. NN built Schönbuchturm in the idyllic Schönbuch nature park in Baden-Württemberg. The new excursion destination opened in 2018 and combines impressive architecture with nature. Two spiral stairs, each with 174 steps, screw themselves up at a height of 35 meters. On three viewing platforms, 10, 20 and 30 meters high, show a breathtaking view of the forests and orchards of the Böblingen district. The panorama covers almost the entire Albtrauf from Rosenstein in the Ostalb district to Lemberg in the Tuttlingen district.

Interaction of I-SYS and X-TEND

The two opposite staircases are secured with X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh and I-SYS stainless steel cable systems from Carl Stahl ARC.
Our X-TEND meshwas adapted to the railing with 2 mm thick stainless steel ropes with a mesh size of 60 mm from our CXE line. Our I-SYS rope with a diameter of 16mm was used for the border. This not only guarantees the highest level of security, but also blends in with the design of the Schönbuchturm almost invisibly. & nbsp; & nbsp;

Fall protection at Carl Stahl ARC

The motto is “Safety first” and that is exactly what is implemented with our stainless steel cable mesh. The areas of application go from fall protection, safety mesh, facade protection to stair protection. Here is an extract from our portfolio in the area of ​​fuses:

Securing can be done with the X-TEND stainless steel cable meshor with the I-SYS cable system. In addition, our mesh system can be installed vertically as well as horizontally. & Nbsp;

  • Project
    Schönbuch Tower, Herrenberg, Germany
  • Application

    Brüstungsgeländer, Aussichtsplattformen

  • Products

    X-TEND CXE ◊ 60 mm, ø 2 mm/ I-SYS  ø 16 mm

  • Architect
  • Photographer
    Andreas Sporn